Onsrud 60-100M Series

Solid Carbide One Flute Compression for All Woods, Wood Composites, and Mortising

Part No. Diameter (D) Shank (D1) Cut Length (C) Over All Length (L) # of Flutes PriceQuantity
60-1111/4"1/4"7/8"2-1/2"1 $86.20
60-1131/4"1/4"7/8"2-1/2"2 $92.75
60-1233/8"3/8"7/8"3"2 $121.60
60-1263/8"3/8"7/8"3"3 $140.70


Solid Carbide mortising Compression design for fast feed and excellent finish with short upcut to allow mortise cut with downcut action. Double sided laminated, veneered, natural wood and wood composites HELIX ANGLE = 30° L = Left Hand Rotation

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 3 × .375 × .375 in