X-Edge Chamfer Series Router Bits

Chamfer tool for putting a chamfer on aluminum edges.  Works on various woods and plastics as well.

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Part No. V-Angle Cutting Height Over All Length (L) Shank (D1) Flute Direction # of Flutes PriceQuantity
XCH2043-S90º.1573"3/8"Downcut3 $44.40
XCH2042-S90º.122.36"1/4"Downcut3 $27.52
XCH2044-S90º.1963"1/2"Downcut3 $59.16


The X-Edge Chamfer Series line of tooling offers a unique design of 3 upfluted spiral cut edges fit to an over all 90° to achieve phenomenal cut quality on aluminum, plastic, and wood materials.

Additional information

Weight .043 lbs
Dimensions 3 × .375 × .375 in