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New Design: X-Edge Sure Snap Collet Nut System

The new X-Edge sure snap collet nut system is slightly different than previous models. In the past, collets were forced into the tool-holder nut which made it difficult for some machine operators. Furthermore, the collets didn’t seem to fit correctly in the nut, at times, even falling out in extreme cases. The sure-snap design solves both of these problems. However, with change sometimes comes challenges. So, here is a simple video on how to properly snap in collets on the improved CNC tool-holder nut.

**Please note that the X-Edge tool holders and collets have not changed. Only the nut system, which is included with every tool holder, has been improved.**


  • Put collet on an angle in the collet nut
  • Rotate collet while pressing the down into the nut


  • Rotate collet while pulling it out of the nut

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