MultiCam Great Lakes’ Regional Office and Technology Center is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our Technology Center is complete with machines on the floor for demonstration, software/application support, spare parts and factory trained technicians to install and maintain your MultiCam for years to come. When it comes to top-quality CNC Machines, Technical Support, and Service—no other manufacturer comes even close.

MultiCam is a global supplier of innovative CNC cutting solutions for industries ranging from sign making to digital finishing, sheet-metal to plate-steel processing, hardwoods to cabinet making, thermoform trimming to plastics fabrication, as well as a wide variety of aerospace and automotive applications.

With over 14,000 machines installed worldwide, MultiCam provides cost effective, easy-to-use, programmable cutting, and additive manufacturing solutions for both large and small companies alike.

Founded in 1989, MultiCam’s corporate office and manufacturing facility is located in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. With over 50 technology centers across the globe, along with sales and service representatives in over 100 countries, you’ll find a location near you for local demonstrations, training, service, and support.