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If You’re Drilling Holes, Use A Drill Chuck!

You might be asking yourself “What’s a drill chuck?” which is exactly why I’m writing this article. When I show these to my customers, the first thing they say is “So, I never have to buy a random sized collet for drill bits again?” to which my answer is “Exactly!”. I’m guessing that you’re really interested in what it is now.

These are the X-Edge HSK63, ISO30, and HSK32 tapered drill chucks:

A drill chuck is a tool holder with a HSK63, ISO30 or HSK32 taper that holds all sized drill bits with a ½” shank or smaller. Loading and unloading a drill bit into a drill chuck works similar to a handheld drill. You simply adjust the holder, by hand, to open or close the clamping teeth to secure or release the drill bit. These are rated to run at proper drilling RPM’s, ensuring that your spindle is being taken care of.

Like I mentioned before, this eliminates having a collet for every size drill bit that you plan to use on your CNC machine. It’s a great product that can save an immense amount of time, hassle, and money. There are three taper options for these: HSK63, HSK32, and ISO30. Warning, don’t confuse “drill bits” with “CNC bits”. If you need any clarification, please reach out.

Feel free to request help with the optimal plunge rate and spindle speeds. It is important to know the lowest spindle speed your machine is capable of before using these, as that is sometimes the spindle speed needed. For example, we recently drilled holes in HDPE and ACM at 4,000 RPM which was the spindle’s slowest speed.

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Greg Smolka

CNC Tooling & Applications Manager at Multicam Great Lakes

Here to help with tooling recommendations (bits, knives, collets, tool holders, cleaners and kits, torque stations, etc.) and cutting recommendations (feeds/speeds, tips/tricks, # of passes, etc.).

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